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Saturday 4th May 2024


Navy Snatch Draw After Dramatic Fightback to Win Inter Services

With 50 minutes gone when James Farrell crossed for another Army try the lead was 26-7 and the Army were in control.

Navy Snatch Draw After Dramatic Fightback to Win Inter Services

They had scored three tries in the first half through Semesa Rokoduguni (2) and Owain Davies to lead 19-7 at half time. This after the Navy had taken the lead through a Dave Fairbrother try from short range. The Royal Navy then let loose their bench and it was the youngster that helped turn the tide.

Gareth Rees pulled a try back before the pack, with young tighthead Chris Robinson on for John Court, earned themselves a penalty try before Rhys Dimmock-Williams crossed to level the scores with minutes remaining. The Army looked to have secured the match when Prasad broke the line and from a resulting penalty Davies added the three points. However, the drama was not over and Jon Humphrey was given a 45m penalty chance to level the scores. The draw was enough for the Navy to regain the Inter Services title they last won in 2010.

Dave Fairbrother was awarded the man of the match by Sky. Initially it looked as if the game had turned when he was yellow carded for a high tackle in the first half. During his absence the Army scored two ties and were looking comfortable. However, with Llewellyn in the sin bin in the second half, the tables were turned and the Navy made the Army pay. It may have only been a draw, the Army Navy Trophy is shared but the Senior Service are rightly jubilant to get their hands back on the Babcock Inter Services Championship. More to follow.

Army Team: LCpl Ricky Reeves (Royal Engineers), LSgt Matt Dwyer (Welsh Guards), LCpl Chris Budgen (The Royal Welsh), CSgt Paul Llewellyn (The Royal Welsh), Sgt David Bates (Royal Corps of Signals), Capt Rob Lennox (Capt) (Royal Regiment of Scotland), Cpl Matt Dawson (Intelligence Corps), LBdr Ifereimi Boladau (Royal Artillery) LCpl James Farrell (REME), LCpl James Dixon (Royal Engineers), Pte Jonasa Bulumakau (Royal Regiment of Scotland), LCpl Semesa Rokoduguni * (Royal Scots Dragoon Guards), Cpl Gerhard Wessels (Royal Engineers), Rgr Chris Leathem (Royal Irish Rangers), Bdr Owain Davies (Royal Artillery) Replacements: LBdr Peter Austin (Royal Artillery), Cpl Nathanael Titchard-Jones (REME), Capt Allan Whittaker (Royal Engineers), Spr Inosi Laqwkoro (Royal Engineers), LCpl Makulusio Koroiyadi * (Royal Engineers), Capt Dom Shaw (Royal Army Dental Corps), Pte Jack Prasad * (Royal Regiment of Scotland), Gnr Connor O’Reilly (Royal Artillery)

Royal Navy Team: Sgt Gaz Evans (Cdo Log Regt RM), LA(AH) Ben Priddey (Capt) (RNAS Culdrose), CPOAET John Court (RNAS Culdrose), Musn Edd Pascoe (RM Band Plymouth), LAET John Lamsin (RNAS Culdrose), Cpl Ben Fox (40 Cdo RM), Mne Jarrard Hayler (Plymouth AFCO), Cpl Dave Fairbrother (42 Cdo RM), NA(AH) Cory Moore (RNAS Yeovilton), Mne Nathan Huntley (30 Cdo IEG RM), Lt Matt Bowden RN (Flag Officer Sea Training), Mne Mat Tichias (11 ATTU RM), ET(ME) Sam Davies (HMS Ocean), Mne Greg Welling (1 Assault Group RM), AET Jon Humphrey (HMS Sultan) Replacements: Mne Harry Collins * (CTCRM Lympstone), NA(AH) Kyle Mason * (RNAS Culdrose), Mne Chris Robinson (CTCRM Lympstone), NA(AH) Ben Watson (RNAS Culdrose), Mne Dom Taylor (42 Cdo RM), AB(MW) Gareth Rees (MCM2 Sqn), AB(D) Rhys Dimmock-Williams (MCM2 Sqn), Log Silvenusi Buinimasi (HMS Argyll)

* denotes International

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