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Alcohol Policy Update

Access to Twickenham Stadium and Kneller Hall

A number of improvements to security and spectator safety are being introduced by the RFU which will bring the Army Navy Match in line with the normal rules applied at all other matches. 

Twickenham Stadium:

Please note that for the 2018 match you will no longer be able to bring alcohol past the security/bag check access points which are located at the outer perimeter of the stadium.  This includes the security/bag check access point at the entrance to the West Car Park / West Fan Village and therefore you can no longer take alcohol into this area. In addition, coaches will not be permitted to park in the West Car Park. 

Coaches will now park in the North Car Park and Rosebine with Cardinal Vaughan being used for those travelling by car.  These areas are situated outside of the security/bag check access points and therefore anyone parking in these areas will be able to enjoy the traditional tailgate / hospitality activities.
Full details of the RFU ground rules can be found at England Rugby.  Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the new security/bag check access points, stadium layout and the ground rules before you arrive at the match. 

Kneller Hall:

No alcohol will be allowed to be taken into the grounds of Kneller Hall.

Refreshments will be available to purchase within the ground at each venue.