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Saturday 4th May 2024


Army Masters v Royal Navy Mariners Team Announcements

Last but not least of the four matches that make up the Army Navy Day of rugby, the Masters and the Mariners have announced their teams. 

Army Masters v Royal Navy Mariners Team Announcements

The Army Masters are clear favourites after their 35-17 victory over the RAF Vultures who then went on to beat the Royal Navy Mariners 24-7.  However, a week in sport is a long time and the Navy Mariners will be determined not to have a repeat of their lacklustre performance last week.

Though in his first year of Vets rugby, Army captain, Charles Bentley brings a wealth of experience of both Senior XV and Combined Services rugby.  He is well aware that previous results count for nothing and if the Masters wish to regain the Veterans Inter Service title then they are going to have to earn it.

With Navy Mariners regular captain, Guy Pallett, ruled out with the knee injury he sustained against the Vultures, it falls upon Mark Pollard to ensure that the Mariners finish the season playing the rugby they know they are capable of.  If they do then the game is sure to be as close as all the recent encounters between the two sides which has certainly ensured that the large Kneller Hall crowds are well prepared for the Army Navy match that follows.

Army Masters Team: Maj Chris Clifford (RE), Capt Charles Bentley (CApt) (RA), WO2 Garry Windle (RE), SSgt Ben Butler (RA), Cpl Howard Maharaj (AAC), Sgt Bruce Francis (RAMC), WO2 Andy Jackson (Royal Signals), WO2 Steve Limbrick (RE), WO2 Gareth Slade-Jones (RAPTC), Maj David Glendenning (RA), Sgt Tuvita Tamatawale (RLC), SSgt Martin Lacey (RA), LCpl Ifereimi Vukinavanua (AAC), Pte Silei Ratu (Yorks), SSgt Robert Smart (RAMC)  Replacements:  WO2 Spencer Sutton (Parachute Regt), WO2 Scott Kelly (AAC), Sgt Jona Ligairi (RLC), SSgt Garth Williamson (RLC), Sgt Seresio Masikau (AAC), Cpl Joji Naigunugunu (Yorks), WO2 Brad Sutherland (Coldstream Guards), WO2 Mark Eastley (RE)

Royal Navy Team:  LS(D) Keith Lister (HMS Cattistock), Mne Johua Taubale (1 AGRM), POETME Robert Cozens (HMS Ocean), PO Mark Pollard (Capt) (HMS Collingwood), PO Paul Mortensen (RNAS Yeovilton), CSgt Bryan Milford (3CLR RM), CSgt William Rees (3CLR RM), AB Tomasi Matanatabu (HMS Ocena), Lt Chris Gore RM (3CLR RM), Lt Andy Vance RN (HMNB Portsmouth), Cpl Gareth Vallender (CTCRM Lympstone), CSgt Ben Mardle (1AGRM), CPOAWW Thomas Boyce (HMS Kent), LH Sam Halofaki (HMS Portland), Maj Russ Sayer RM (77Bge)  Replacements:  CPOCS Jason Deane (FOST), CSgt Bryan Milford (3CLR RM), Cpl Matt Thurston (CTCRM), Sgt Veresa Valemi (45 Cdo RM), LET Max Laliano (HS Sultan), Mne Laisiasa Daku (3CLR RM), POPT Wayne Dawson (AFCO Liverpool), POPT Dean Fentum (HMS Nelson)

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